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What will my professor be like? Tips on how to find this out before the class starts! →  August 17, 2012

When starting a new semester, I often times find myself wondering what my professor will be like or what each class I’m taking is going to be like. Below is a list of potential ways to find out before the semester starts: Ask current students if they have taken that class or had that professor […]

Check out how you can save on textbooks! →  August 17, 2012

Purchasing textbooks is expensive… unless you do your homework first!  Purchasing books can be expensive so don’t wait until the last minute to buy them! Some tips on how to save on textbooks are below: When purchasing the book at Maryville’s Bookstore, get there early so you can take advantage of the used copies, see […]

Calling All Freshman, Don’t Skip This Step! →  August 4, 2011

Think Smart As a freshman, you will go into college a little nervous, unknowing and willing to take advice from anyone that takes a few minutes to sit down and focus on you. Just be sure that “that someone” isn’t taking your money and running. Something that I wish I knew as a freshman would have been […]

Alumni Events Help You Stay Connected →  August 4, 2011

While it may seem like graduation is far in the distance, you would be surprised at how fast the day arrives.  Walking out of your last class can be bittersweet, but just because you become an alumni does not mean missing out on the Maryville fun. The Maryville Alumni Association host events throughout the year […]

New on the Mat →  August 4, 2011

Maryville University is excited to announce the addition of a varsity wrestling program that will compete in an NCAA Division II during the upcoming 2011-2012 season. Maryville has never had a wrestling team, so we’re really excited about it! Mike Denney has been chosen to lead the team as coach.Denney is a nation wide recognized […]

Transcript Request Tips →  August 4, 2011

Throughout college, and even after, you will probably have to request a copy of your academic  transcript.  An academic transcript contains information on your dates of attendance, grades and other degree information.  Transcripts are sometimes needed when applying for jobs, internships, scholarships and grants as well as other things.  You can request copies of your transcript in person, by […]

Peer Tutoring →  August 4, 2011

Falling behind in class is easy to do with all the stress that comes along with being a college student. Maryville University’s Academic Success Center provides free peer tutoring for all Maryville students. These tutors are carefully selected and trained in specific subject areas, time management, test taking skills and knowledgeable study skills.  Peer tutoring […]

New at the University Bookstore →  August 4, 2011

The University bookstore is making changes along with the rest of our community.   This summer we renovated the store to accommodate the General Services department.  With that change, we have lots of exciting new services to offer!  Here are the new services: Complete Copy Center:  Self-service or counter service if you need help Fax services:  […]

Hush! Hush! Quiet Hours on Campus →  August 4, 2011

Going to college is a great opportunity to not only study at a higher level, but also to live in an entirely new place.  Maryville University offers three different places to live while attending classes: Mouton Hall, Maryville Hall and the Hilltop Apartments.  There are some specific rules set in place for the residence halls […]

Why You Shouldn’t Date Within Your Major →  August 4, 2011

Breakups are never easy.  Most college freshmen have either had a girlfriend or boyfriend by the time they enter college and most likely they have been through some rough times before the tough times of the college years even begin.  Most people you talk to will tell you it’s best to enter college single. It’s the way […]